Our commercial structures can be customized to fit your needs!! They will range from  32 wide up to 60 Wide, ANY length, and 8 foot up to 20 foot leg height. All commercial structures are clear span. They will be have a reinforced truss system, double braced legs, and upgraded ladder legs for extra strength and stability.  These are commonly used for businesses/hobbies (auto mechanic shops, extra storage for large amounts of inventory, or larger commercial vehicles, large farm machinery,small aircraft hangars, bitcoin mines, paint shops,etc) that require taller ceilings and a larger clear span space.

All commercial structures come standard with:

  • 29 gauge sheet metal
  • 14 gauge certified galvanized  metal tubing/framing
  • 170 mph wind certification/35psf snow load certification
  • 20 year warranty on roof
  • 10 year warranty on framing
  • 1 year workmanship warranty
  • Welded Truss system
  • Braces on every leg
  • Vertical or Lap siding
  • ALL anchors
  • Chain Hoist on garage doors 12x12–16x16

Additional Upgrades to make your structure even better!!!

  • 29 gauge sheet metal
  • 12 gauge certified galvanized metal tubing/framing — 105 mph wind certification/65 psf snow load
  • Certified garage doors — Wind/pressure rated for your area
  • Chain hoist on any certified garage door
  • Certified Windows
  • Colored Screws

We look forward to working with you on your purchase!!!