Red metal barn in field

Metal horse barns are extremely useful in a variety of ways. Not only do they protect your horses from the elements that North Carolina can throw its way, they also provide shelter, storage, and more.

Horse barns have been around since the ancient roman times, so you can imagine all of the different uses they have had over the years. In this blog, we will cover several different ways a metal horse barn can come in handy. 

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The most common use for metal horse barns is to provide shelter and protection for your livestock. Whether it’s used to help your horses escape the North Carolina heat in the summer or stay warm during the cold winter months, horse barns are great for feeding, doctoring, and holding your horses throughout the year. When your horses have an area to retreat to that keeps them protected from the different weather conditions, you will be able to have peace of mind knowing they are out of harm’s way. 


If you own livestock, you know how much food and equipment comes along with caring for the animals. From grain and hay to bridles and saddles, there is a lot of gear that quickly takes over your current space. If you’re like most people, your garage is already filled with other items and doesn’t have enough room for all of the additional equipment that comes with a horse. Metal barns are great for storing all of the equipment for your horse. Not only does it keep your personal space tidy, it also allows you to have quick access to everything you need in one place. When your animals aren’t occupying the space, you can also store your larger equipment such as tractors, ATVs, and more. This will not only free up more space in your existing garage, it will also help elevate your curb appeal by not having a ton of equipment cluttering your property. 

Multi-Purpose Space 

When you decide to install a metal horse barn on your property, the new space is exciting! Not only can your horses have shelter and you have room to store all of their equipment, you can also utilize the free space when it isn’t being occupied by your horse. You can use it as your personal work space. The space can be used for hobbies like woodworking, welding, mechanics, and more! A lot of the time, people put off their hobbies because they don’t have the space to engage with them, or it involves a lot of set-up and take-down, making it a pain to constantly move around. With the open space of a metal horse barn, you can leave the equipment out and continue working on projects, day in and day out. The best part? When you design a custom metal barn from Wholesale Direct Carports, you can make your metal barn the perfect size to be able to store all of the items you have! 

Various Sections

The term “horse barn” doesn’t mean that only horses can reside in the metal building. You can house any kind of livestock in the metal barn. Whether it’s calving season and you need to keep newborn calves close where you can monitor their vitals or you have injured animals that need doctoring, there are various metal barn designs to choose from to customize the space to best suit your needs. Maybe you have a variety of animals including horses, pigs, goats, and more. You have the ability to separate the animals in different areas of the barn, while still providing all of them the proper shelter they need. 

Event Space 

Have you ever wanted to host a gathering at your home but don’t have enough space in your house to accommodate everyone? A metal horse barn can be used as your personal outdoor venue. The days of not being able to have outdoor get-togethers due to unpredictable weather are gone, thanks to metal buildings. You can clear out the animals and turn the barn into a space with tables, chairs, and more, creating the perfect area to celebrate any occasion with your friends and family. Why rent out a space that costs way too much when you can use your metal barn to host everyone on your own property? 

Extra Housing

In some instances, horse barns can be designed to have a room included, providing additional space for guests to stay. Whether you have family coming for an extended visit or have workers on your property that need a place to stay, creating a guest room in your metal horse barn is a great option. They will be close to your home with access to a kitchen, bathrooms, and more, while also having their own area to relax in. Why send your loved ones miles away to stay in a hotel when you can provide them with their own area to reside in? 

Why Choose Wholesale Direct Carports

We at Wholesale Direct Carports know that creating and installing a metal horse barn on your property can be an intimidating process. However, our seamless process of designing, delivering, and installing metal buildings will take all of the stress away. We use only the best materials available that are not only high-quality, but also affordable. Not sure you can handle the cost of a custom metal horse barn? While our products are surprisingly affordable, we also offer rent to own and bank financing options, allowing everyone the opportunity to have the metal horse barn they’ve been wanting.

Whether you are wanting a simple horse barn or want to customize it to fit all of your needs, we have what you need. We take a customized approach to metal buildings, providing unrivaled customer support on each and every project when complete. You have the ability to choose the size, material, style, color, and more! Our expert staff takes the time to chat with you about your needs and vision, and then turns your dream into a reality.

If you are interested in installing a horse barn that not only shelters your horses throughout the year, but can also be used for the different uses listed above, give us at Wholesale Direct Carports a call. We will give you the tools you need to create the perfect metal horse barn that you’ve been needing. We offer free delivery and installation in our service area, so all you need to do is create your ideal metal horse barn, and let us handle the rest!