If you work from home or you are an entrepreneur wanting to start your own business, your garage can be a great home office. Using your garage as an office is perfect because it gets you out of the house so you can feel more like you are going to work, but you don’t have the travel! Many successful businesses began in a garage simply because the young entrepreneurs didn’t have another place to embrace their ideas and build their dreams. If you have an idea you believe in and are ready to build your empire, take a day to create your perfect space first! Here are a couple of ideas to help get you started:

Get Connected

If your home is equipped with wi-fi, getting your garage office will be much easier as you can just connect your devices, wirelessly. If not, however, you’ll need to be sure to hook up a router and make sure you can work effectively. If you are setting up shop in a detached garage, check your electrical outlets and if you do not have any installed, that would be the best place to start.

Brighten Up the Space

Garages tend to be dark spaces, especially if they do not have windows. Brighten up the space with light colored paint and some light fixtures. I recommend pale yellow walls, which make your office seem brighter and yellow naturally reduces stress! Hanging mirrors can also help the things seem bigger as well as reflect light. Never underestimate the power of a good desk lamp.

Make it Comfortable

Along with a desk and a chair, try to personalize your workspace. A floor rug can help reduce echo as well as add a homey comfort to your ofice. Plants are always a great way to decorate and add life to any space. If your garage office is temperature regulated, a beta fish may also be a great office mate! Hanging calendars and wall art can make the space seem more comfortable and help you be more productive.

Make it Productive

You can help yourself be productive by reducing distractions and encouraging working. I am a huge fan of whiteboards. Not only do they help brighten up a room, but you can write motivational quotes, to-do lists, and all your business ideas on them. If you have a metal garage, magnets can be used to hang lists and reminders. You can include shelves to hold everything you need to reduce your need to return to your home during “working hours.”

Make it Personal

The best part about having an office at your home is that it is yours! You get to be your open office decorator, make sure it reflects that! If you are simply working from home for an employer, you still get to design your office. If you are building your business, you can make your office your own brand and the sky is the limit! Hang your own art or pictures of you and your loved ones. Adorn the space with knick-knacks that you enjoy. Hang a throw on your chair, it adds a personal touch as well as is practical.

Whether you work from home or are looking to start your own business, make sure you have the proper space. A corner in the living room or your laptop sitting on your kitchen counter does not lean to success. Turn your garage into your home office. If you do not have a garage or need more space, contact Wholesale Direct Carports to have your custom enclosed detached garage installed. We offer options such as windows and walk-in doors that would be the perfect office space addition to your home. And, as always, delivery and installation are free!