If your garage walls could talk and tell all they’ve seen, what would they say? Hopefully, they’d keep your secrets, but if they didn’t, would you care? If my garage walls could talk, it would be relatively boring but would go a little something like this:

I saw that haphazard shelf you built and I’ll be honest, you should have just bought one. If I could, I’d teach you the difference between a circular saw, a table saw, and the jigsaw you attempted to use. I guess you did an okay job, given the tools you selected. I would also teach you about the difference in the coarseness of your sanding paper (I probably would have used an electric sander). However, I am glad that you were proud of how it turned out. As your first woodworking project, it was a fine piece.

Here’s the thing. If you have to Google where your oil filter is, you probably shouldn’t continue on to watch YouTube videos about how to change your oil and attempt to do it yourself. It was painful to watch you wear more oil than you put in the engine. I know you are proud of yourself, but, next time, just go to a car care center? I am your garage and your car is my main priority.

Listen, we need to talk about your organizational skills. I have so much potential out here! See how your neighbor across the street hung their bikes with big hooks on the exposed beams? That works well so your family’s bicycles can stop falling all over each other. If you put a few pieces of plywood on my rafters, I can hold all those boxes you store up out of the way so you could still get the car in. I do like how you built those shelves, that helps a lot. The cork board you hung to hold your tools was also a great idea. With just a little more effort, I think we could really maximize the space in here.

Have you thought about insulating me? It’d be pretty easy, you can just put up some insulation between my beams and cover it with some sheetrock. Tape and spackle the joints and then paint my new walls up nice. Not only would I be able to make you more comfortable, but I would look more pleasing too. The whole family comes to me to make the phone calls they don’t want the rest of the family to hear, you may as well make it comfortable.

As an extension of your home, your garage sees a lot more than we give it credit for. The garage is where people come home through, where we do car maintenance and build things. It is where we store belongings that won’t fit in the house. The garage knows how (un)talented we are and doesn’t judge us. If you need a garage for your home, contact us at Wholesale Direct Carports of North Carolina!