With summer quickly approaching, temperatures are getting up there, and the rays of the sun are intensifying. While the warm weather might be something you’ve been looking forward to, it’s not exactly ideal for metal buildings that soak up that heat and intensify it. If you’ve recently purchased a metal horse barn or you’ve been looking for ways to ensure that your horses are cool this summer, today’s blog is for you! We are going to touch on a few of the ways that you can ensure your metal building remains nice and cool throughout the summer ahead.

Consider Insulation

Depending on how often you use your metal building and how much you’re willing to invest in it, insulation is an option worth considering. Though this is a time-consuming option that does come with an additional cost, it is one of the best ways to regulate the temperature of your metal horse barn. That being said, the ability to maintain a temperature within the horse barn is an incredible luxury.

If you live in a climate where temperatures fluctuate, or there is a high chance of snow or rain, then this insulation can also ensure that you and your horses are warm. Being able to maintain warmth is a fantastic benefit in the cold of winter! This is also a great option if the horse barn is somewhere that you are spending quite a bit of time in and would like to be comfortable in for extended periods.

Cross-Ventilation Design

A significant benefit to working with Wholesale Direct Carports is that we offer you the opportunity to customize your metal horse barn. As you go about designing, factor in the various features that you need to make the most of the building, but don’t forget to incorporate cross-ventilation into the design.

Cross-ventilation is merely the placement of various windows and doors throughout the metal building. By placing various openings in the structure, it is easy for air to flow in and through the building. When a breeze picks up, you’re going to appreciate those openings more than ever!

Add Fans

Again, not one of the most affordable options in terms of cooling, but certainly one that you’ll benefit from for years to come. Fans have always been an option for keeping a space cool, and it is no different in large metal buildings like horse barns. In fact, when it comes to metal horse barns, there are actually a few different options that you can choose from. Whether you decide to go with one large fan that ensures the air in the metal barn is circulated, or you opt for a handful of smaller fans that direct their cool breeze towards the horses in the barn, this is an investment that you will make the most of.

This is another feature that comes with the ability to customize based on needs. Choosing the placement, size, and style of fans used throughout your horse barn is something that you can spend some time looking into to ensure that the fan that you choose is the one that will cater to your needs.

Make the Most of Landscaping

If you are only just adding a metal horse barn to your property, making the most of the available landscape is one of the most affordable ways to keep the barn cool. As you determine where you’d like to place the horse barn, take into consideration where the shadiest spot on the property is. If there’s a specific area that doesn’t get quite as much sun or is only in the sun for a couple of hours a day, this may be the perfect place to put the horse barn. In doing so, you won’t have to worry about the sun beaming on the building quite as much, thus making the building inherently cooler.

Shop Wholesale Direct Carports

There are countless benefits to choosing a metal horse barn over the standard barns that have been around for years. Wholesale Direct Carports makes it easy to enjoy a barn that is customized to your needs and your styling preferences. With free delivery and financing options, we can’t imagine a reason that you wouldn’t want to get started on designing your metal horse barn today! If you are ready to get started, contact our team, and we would be more than happy to get you taken care of.