1. How Investing in a Detached Garage is Investing in Yourself

    What do you think of when you hear the word garage? If you said a house for your vehicle, you are part of only 25% of people who actually use their garage for vehicle storage, even though that is the intended purpose and design. For most households, the garage is nothing more than an extension of th…Read More

  2. Uses for Detached Garages

    Most commonly, detached garages are used in lieu of an installed attached garage that is a part of the home’s permanent structure. Some people simply require more usable space, and a detached garage is a perfect way to gain that extra square footage. Whatever the condition of your home and garage …Read More

  3. Why Buying a Carport may be Better than Building a Garage

    A vehicle is one of the biggest investments people will make, second to a home to park it in front of. When it comes to deciding where to keep your vehicle, there are several options including carports and garages. If you spent the money and the time to invest in a worthy vehicle, shouldn’t it be …Read More

  4. Carports Deconstructed: What is a Carport?

    When you are looking to purchase a carport, there are many options available to customize your structure. Do you need an A-frame or a lean to carport? Would you like a standard frame or welded trusses? Do you want gabled ends or sides with frame outs? Knowing exactly what you need can be daunting, s…Read More

  5. Why Buy a Carport?

    Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make, usually only trumped by your home. When you bring your car home, it can provide a better sense of pride and comfort if you have a way to protect it and a designated place to park it. Building a garage may not be a practical solution if your h…Read More

  6. Why a Carport is a Great Fit for Your Texas Sized Truck

    It’s true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas. Texas is known for hard working, truck driving cowboys. Whether you make a living in the oil fields, ranching, or traveling to and competing in rodeos, a durable truck is a must. As with everything else in Texas, size matters. There is a reas…Read More

  7. How to Protect Your Vehicle From Florida Weather

    Whether it’s your car, bicycle, or boat, Florida’s weather can pose a problem to your vehicle. Even if you are lucky enough to live in a location that isn’t affected by hurricanes or hail regularly, if you live in Florida you (and your vehicle) get plenty of sun, heat, and rain, all of which c…Read More