1. Fun Facts About Garages

    Garages are so commonplace nowadays that little thought is given to them. Homeowners prefer to have a garage, but many people don't even use them to store their car! An estimated 50 percent of garage owners use them for purposes other than vehicle parking. Let's explore some other fun facts about th…Read More

  2. Garage Safety: Part 2

    Garages are a source of all sorts of dangers. In the first installment of this article, we discussed organization, automatic doors, and burglary prevention. In this second installment, we will visit a few more garage dangers and how to mitigate them. Fire Garages are used to hold vehicles, including…Read More

  3. Designing Your Custom Detached Garage

    Installing an enclosed garage is an inexpensive and effective way to protect your valuable property from the harsh Texas elements and provide security for your belongings. Although the basic structure or detached garages is the same, including four walls, a roof, and a garage door, there are some at…Read More

  4. Garage Safety: Part 1

    Whether you use your garage to house your car or as a storage space,  it is a room full of hazards and dangers. With automatic moving doors and an extension of our homes, there are some dangers inherent with garages. We store tools and hazardous materials in our garages to keep them, safely, out of…Read More

  5. How Investing in a Detached Garage is Investing in Yourself

    What do you think of when you hear the word garage? If you said a house for your vehicle, you are part of only 25% of people who actually use their garage for vehicle storage, even though that is the intended purpose and design. For most households, the garage is nothing more than an extension of th…Read More

  6. Uses for Detached Garages

    Most commonly, detached garages are used in lieu of an installed attached garage that is a part of the home’s permanent structure. Some people simply require more usable space, and a detached garage is a perfect way to gain that extra square footage. Whatever the condition of your home and garage …Read More

  7. Why Buying a Carport may be Better than Building a Garage

    A vehicle is one of the biggest investments people will make, second to a home to park it in front of. When it comes to deciding where to keep your vehicle, there are several options including carports and garages. If you spent the money and the time to invest in a worthy vehicle, shouldn’t it be …Read More

  8. Carports Deconstructed: What is a Carport?

    When you are looking to purchase a carport, there are many options available to customize your structure. Do you need an A-frame or a lean to carport? Would you like a standard frame or welded trusses? Do you want gabled ends or sides with frame outs? Knowing exactly what you need can be daunting, s…Read More

  9. Why Buy a Carport?

    Your car is one of the biggest investments you will make, usually only trumped by your home. When you bring your car home, it can provide a better sense of pride and comfort if you have a way to protect it and a designated place to park it. Building a garage may not be a practical solution if your h…Read More