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Uses for Detached Garages

Most commonly, detached garages are used in lieu of an installed attached garage that is a part of the home’s permanent structure. Some people simply require more usable space, and a detached garage is a perfect way to gain that extra square footage. Whatever the condition of your home and garage status, detached metal garages have many useful benefits, aside from housing your car.

Project Shed

Detached enclosed garages are great for carrying ongoing hobbies or projects without compromising on living space inside the home or requiring you to relinquish hobbies to a shelf or closet corner inside the home. Project areas that are ideal for detached garages include woodworking tool sheds, model building, and collecting. Detached enclosed garages offer the convenience of being on the home’s property while staying separate from the main living space. This is especially important for hobbies that are particularly loud (such as playing the tuba or opera singing), messy (such as sculpting or furniture building) or require just the right setting (like photography or bug collecting).


Detached enclosed garages are great for serving as a personal, on-site storage unit. This is particularly useful for clearing excess belongings out of your home to create more living space, or for storing special items such as collectibles, that you may not want in the home. If you collect cars or stamps, a detached garage can provide safe storage for your treasures without infringing on the family area. If you have a cache of emergency supplies, a detached garage is the ideal storage location for these items. You have the comfort of knowing your belongings are safe nearby and they aren’t indirectly accessible by meddling guests or family members.

Vehicle storage is possibly the most obvious use for a detached garage, but don’t reduce your enclosed garage to exclusively holding the car you drive day today. Investing in a detached garage allows you to, in turn, invest in seasonal vehicles such as golf carts, snowmobiles, mountain bikes, and ATVs. These enclosed garages are also perfect for holding a boat or your yard vehicles such as lawn mower or tractor. Another great use is for collector vehicles.

Office Space

Whether you are an entrepreneur, running your startup business from home, or you work after hours from your house, a detached garage offers the space to focus and get work done, while being a few short steps from your dinner table. If you do work from home, using a detached garage as your working space allows you to clearly define work and home time by designating separate space, but offers the ability to go to the office in your pajamas!

Personal Gym

One of the best uses of a detached garage is a personal gym. There is plenty of space in a detached garage to house all of your workout equipment, no shirt required! Having your gym at home will allow you to avoid commercial gym fees and allows you to work out around the clock without worrying about dealing with other people’s sweat or waiting in line. Just don’t forget to install circulating fans and wall-length mirrors to admire your progress! Setting up your stationary bike or treadmill amongst along with your yoga mat creates a place to escape and work on yourself.

Although detached enclosed garages are designed and intended to house your car in the absence of a garage, there are many other practical uses for them. This is just a short list. For all your detached garage needs in Florida, call Wholesale Direct Carports to find the right product for your life!