1. Historical Garage: the Birthplace of Silicon Valley

    California is home to some of the most famous garages in the world. Companies such as Apple, Disney, Google, Maglite, Mattel, and Hewlett-Packard are all multi-billion dollar businesses that started out in garages in California. Perhaps the most famous garage in the world, and still a protected hist…Read More

  2. Garage Safety: Part 2

    Garages are a source of all sorts of dangers. In the first installment of this article, we discussed organization, automatic doors, and burglary prevention. In this second installment, we will visit a few more garage dangers and how to mitigate them. Fire Garages are used to hold vehicles, including…Read More

  3. Garage Safety: Part 1

    Whether you use your garage to house your car or as a storage space, ┬áit is a room full of hazards and dangers. With automatic moving doors and an extension of our homes, there are some dangers inherent with garages. We store tools and hazardous materials in our garages to keep them, safely, out of…Read More