When most people think of a horse barn, they imagine the classic wooden structures, but recently, farmers have seen the long-term return on investment offered by metal buildings. Galvanized steel horse barns last much longer than their traditional wooden counterparts, with much less maintenance and upkeep. Because our metal buildings are made of steel, they are fully recyclable, but because they are not made of organic material, they won’t fall apart! All of our metal buildings are built to suit and fully customizable.

Our metal horse barns offer great options for farming, as well as parking and extra storage across a wide variety of interests. A metal barn is a great option for a farmer in need of a sturdy and affordable building. Unlike the wooden counterpart, our metal barns require less maintenance and come pre-painted. Barns come standard with the sides enclosed and only the larger middle section open. Roll up and walk-in doors are available, along with windows and additional openings. The classic metal horse barn is a large middle section that is open with gables ends; or on either side of the middle section is a closed garage. View our gallery for style options and idea and then call our metal building experts for your obligation-free quote.