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We offer a variety of garage doors, from a 6×6 up to a 16×16 size door and any combination, ex 8×12,10×14 etc. Our roll up garage doors can be placed on either the ends of your building or even on the sides, provided there is enough clearance. Nothing is worse than realizing you don’t have enough clearance after the fact, so be sure to spend some time considering everything you plan to store inside your garage.
Our garage doors are barrel, roll up doors made of 29 gauge metal for non-certified (most common), and 26 gauge certified upgrade. For the larger garage doors and also the certified garage doors, we do have chain hoist to help with opening.


All of our metal buildings are customizable to include windows. Our windows are available in 24×36, 30×30 and 30×36 options. Several windows may BE installed throughout the structure. Windows are a great addition if you plan to do any work in the space. Natural light can make all the difference as you spend time working in your garage.


Walk-in doors are available in 36×80, which is standard residential room door size. These can be placed on either end or on the sides of your structure depending on leg height. Each door comes with its own set of keys for added security. The addition of walk-in doors makes it simple to go in and out of your garage.


Corner Braces are constructed of galvanized steel. We recommend adding 2′ braces to buildings up to 8′ tall (leg height), and over 9′ we recommend using 3′ braces on every leg (the posts or columns that join the base to the roof and provide the height of the building) to strengthen the metal garage even more.


All of our metal buildings can be insulated at an additional cost. To do this, a layer of insulation is placed between metal sheeting that constructs the walls. It is a good idea to insulate your metal garage at the time of construction if it is something you think you may eventually do. This will make the process the most cost-effective and simple.
We have 2 types – single/double bubble, moisture barrier as well as insulation for heating and cooling your area. All metal buildings will sweat, so we do recommend at least getting the moisture barrier in your garage package.


Externally, walls can be added to make a covered entryway into your garage. Internally, if you want to partition off parts of your garage, walls can be erected as long as the legs and base allow, which will depend on your chosen design.


Want to install your own custom garage door, walk in door, or windows? Not a problem, we can frame the opening out to the size you need and you can install your own.

Color match/Two Tone Color match

We do offer this option the color match/two tone option. This will allow you to choose a color for bottom 3 foot panels on sides/ends and a different color for top. You will also choose colors for roof and trim.


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