All our buildings come with delivery and installation in our service areas!


Some areas require customers to obtain a building permit before the installation of a metal carport or building. We, at Wholesale Direct Carports, do not pull permits for customers. This responsibility will fall on the customer. Please check with your local county or city to see what building requirements or permits are required before the building is brought out to be installed. Make sure to ask what type of plans they will require to insure you are purchasing the correct drawings. After the permit is obtained, you will contact the scheduler for your area or your sales person to get a copy of the permit to them.

Generic Drawings – This is just a basic description of the metal structure. These can be emailed to the customer after the order is placed.

Wet Seal Drawings – The drawings are stamped and signed by the Engineer and will be mailed to the customer after the order is placed. There will be an additional charge for this type of drawing.

Site Specific Drawings – These are specific to your garage. After the order is placed, a drawing of building with doors and window placement is submitted to engineer. These are drawn, signed, and stamped. They will then send these to the customer. There is an additional charge for this type of drawing.


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